Graduation || Keith & Friends

My best friend really did that thing!

So first of all, congratulations Keith! I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Despite repeated explanations, I still don’t exactly understand what you do. I do know that you’ve been assisting professors with research since your second year and working for a startup since your junior year and now you’re making moves and getting ready to change the world! You inspire me to work hard (and maybe learn some science).

Second, let’s talk about this shoot. Keith brought along a great group of friends to celebrate his four amazing years at Santa Cruz. It was so much fun to watch everyone’s interactions and see how close and goofy they all were. We started at the beach and captured some fire group shots before heading to take the classing sign photos. We ended on a bridge surrounded by redwoods, as one must in Santa Cruz. Adi brought some confetti balloons and we added some fun rainbow to the shots. I especially love the tone bridge photos. Which ones are your favorites?