52 Faces x Week 15

This Friday was Barrister's (Bearister's) Ball, or basically law school prom. I couldn't go because I was arguing in the Ninth Circuit (!!) the next day, but I wan't to celebrate with my friends who will be graduating this year.

52 Faces x Week 14

So proud to have been selected as one this years Cruz Reynoso Fellowship recipient along with this bunch! Thank you Berkeley Law's La Raza Law Students Association for supporting us and allowing us to spend our summers doing important public interest work!

52 Faces x Week 11

Okay. So this is Sylvia. Sylvia was one of my first friends in law school. When I came in late to our first class on the first day of school she texted me that she saved me a seat. Chatting, laughing, and sometimes learning about torts with Sylvia was a highlight of my first semester!

52 Faces x Week 10

This week I had the honor of meeting the first Latino California Supreme Court Justice, the Honorable Cruz Reynoso. I aspire to become a justice one day, but without trailblazers like him, that idea would never have occurred to me.

52 Faces x Week 6

With Valentine's Day just around the corner Princeton will not hesitate to remind you that while it is valuable to celebrate your loved ones you have to love yourself before you can truly love others.

52 Faces x Week 5

Eva Paterson is such a force. I had the honor of hearing her speak at my school, Berkeley Law, last week as part of the United Against White Supremacy symposium that was hosted by the Berkeley Journal of African American Law and Policy, Asian American Law Journal, La Raza Law Journal, and Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Law.