Hi, I'm Anya Ku. I am a morning person. I prefer tea over coffee. I love board games, crime shows, and books about people. I have a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from UC Berkeley. I am currently a Berkeley Law student. And, I have lived in Oakland (the greatest city in the world) my entire life. 

My camera is the tool that connects me with my community. From behind my camera, I help my family, friends, and neighbors feel confident. Through creating images I fight for social justice. By sharing my photos I help pass on stories and memories to future generations. I take photos because documentation is beautiful, powerful, and valuable.

My style of photography is vibrant. I love bright color, natural light, candid expressions, and real people. I like to learn about my subjects, who they are, why they're here and translate that into their portraits. My photos are not traditional, they are not forced, and they are certainly not dull. If that sounds like what you're after, then I cannot wait for us to create something together!