Berkeley Law Womxn of Color Collective Portrait Project

It wasn’t long after I began law school for the idea for this project to come about. Due to a history of exclusivity reinforced through laws and in the legal profession, law school was not always an option for someone like me. Despite Berkeley Law’s best efforts at increasing diversity and fostering inclusion, I did not immediately feel comfortable at school -- until I walked into my first Womxn of Color Collective meeting. The WOCC community finally made me feel like I belonged at Berkeley. Hopefully, these portraits and words make you feel more at home here, too.

WOCC members inspire me every day through their passion, resilience, and drive. This project is intended to add our vibrant colors to the halls of Berkeley Law. It is intended to show how diverse our diversity is and how our stories make us stronger. It is intended to show you that, even though it may feel like it, you are never alone.

Thank you to all of the chingonas who shared their time, faces, and stories with me. Thank you to three generations of WOCC co-chairs: Farrah Vasquez & Monica Ramsy who encouraged me to turn my into reality, Liv Gee & Sana Mayat who helped me organize and carry out my vision, and Jessica Williams & Maya Campbell for crossing the finish line with me. Thank you to Dean Chemerinsky and Dean Vanden Heuvel for getting these portraits on these walls. Thank you to my sister, because of you I will never be “the only one.” And thank you to all the revolutionaries who fought to crack open Berkeley Law’s doors; we will fight like hell to bust them down.

In community,

Anya (‘20)