Photo courtesy of  Omar Abdul-Rahim  

Photo courtesy of Omar Abdul-Rahim 

Hi, my name is Anya, and I am a portrait and event photographer from Oakland, California.

My camera is my tool. My camera connects me with my community. My camera helps foster confidence. My camera can fights social injustice. My camera can helps pass on stories and memories to future generations. I take photos because documentation is beautiful, powerful, and valuable.


I am also currently a J.D. candidate at Berkeley Law, Class of 2020. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2017 with a B.A. in Political Science with an emphasis in American Politics.




Artists and Scholars in Public Life Fellowship and Scholarship

UC Global Food Initiative: 30 Under 30 Finalist

10th Annual Health Through Art Billboard Contest

Eva Gunther Foundation Grant for Photography


Photographer and Co-Author - Flavors of Oakland (pub. 2016)

Featured photos in - Oakland Tech Centennial Book (pub. 2014)



Summer 2017

I've spent the summer before starting law school shooting with local models, blogger, companies, and friends. Follow along on my blog!

2017-1 Women's March.jpg

January 2017

Currently, I spent my last undergraduate semester in Washington, D.C. completing my B.A. in Political Science from UC Berkeley.

2016-10 IA.jpg

October 2016

I was selected to participate in a Digital Arts and Social Activism Fellowship through Imagining America's Joy of Giving Something Foundation. I was awarded a scholarship and invited and attended a national conference on arts in education in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

2016-3 24East.jpg

January 2016

I began working for the blog 24 East, the Bay Area's first lifestyle blog, as a content photographer.

2016-5 FOO 2.jpg

May 2016

My book, Flavors of Oakland, was published and received tremendous critical acclaim. It was featured by several local news outlets, was included in the Oakland Museum of California's "Oakland, I want you to know..." exhibit, was inducted into the City of Oakland's History Room as an artifact of the city's history, and was a best seller at local bookstores. Click here to learn more about the book and get your copy!

2015-4 Passover.jpg

April 2015

I continued working with local organizations like the Jewish Community Center of the East Bay to photograph and capture community gatherings.

2015-2 Sho 3.jpg

March 2015

I continued expanding my business while studying in community college. I dipped my toes into the world of fashion photography, which is an area where I hope to improve.

December 2014

The next installment of my sister and my annual face merging photo is unveiled. The tradition still lives on!

June 2014

I graduated from Oakland Technical High School, took many of my friends' senior portraits, and got ready to dive into the real world

January 2014

I started a "Humans of Oakland Tech" at my high school. I wish I had started way earlier, because I was only able to get a few months in before I graduated. The page was so popular that it has continued growing up to this day.

December 2013

I was awarded a scholarship through the Health Through Art initiative in Oakland geared towards bringing awareness to health issues in the community through art. My piece focused on healthy body image and featured my diverse high school classmates!

November 2013

I was hired for my first paid gig photographing productions for  the Arts Department at my high school. Some of these photographs from the very beginning are still my favorites.

April 2013

I branded myself as Kutography, and I set out to develop my business and gain experience.

2013-1 Lily.JPG

January 2013

I was awarded  a grant through the Eva Gunther Foundation, and I was able to get myself my first dSLR camera (the same one I use now). Days after I got my camera, I put it to work taking portraits of my friend Lily, who, as you have seen, has become one of my favorite subjects. 

June 2012

I saved up my earnings from work and bought myself my own digital camera. I had a cheap point and shoot that I bought at Office Depot, but it did the job. I took it with me on my trip to Japan as a student-ambassador for the Oakland-Fukuoka Sister City Association and took hundreds of photos during my two week stay.

December 2009

We all start somewhere, and I started with a puppy. My dogs, Lala and Po, were some of the first subjects that I started photographing with my parents' camera. A couple of shots in and I had caught the bug; I can no longer  live without a camera!