Fashion Photography

Mason Twins x Berkeley (pt. II)

And, here is Part II. For these shots we went to one of my favorite places on Berkeley campus near Moffitt Library. I loved playing with the shadows and rays of natural light to create these edgy fashion shots. The depth of field in these also adds to the dramatic vibe; my 50mm 1.4 is a real one.

Mason Twins x BAMPFA (pt. I)

I had the pleasure of getting to shoot Kennedy & Morgan Mason again. The last time we shot, Morgan and Kennedy met me in downtown Oakland we took advantage of all of the graffiti and brick walls in Old Oakland. This time, we ventured into downtown Berkeley to find a good backdrop for their colorful outfits. The exterior of the new BAM/PFA building gave us some interesting looks and, of course, I had to throw in some shots against a white wall. I love how these photos turned out; the definitely captured the vibe I was going for: angular, fashion-y, and just a little bit weird.

Stay tuned for part II.