Travel || Nicaragua

Today we climbed to the top of a volcano (Mombacho) in the middle of a tropical rainstorm. Five kilometers, two hours, and many dodged lightning bolts later we finally arrived at the top, but little did we know, the hike had just begun. After we finally made it to the top of the volcano we went on a hike and toured the three ecosystems surrounding the first crater of the volcano. We got to hold a red-eyed frog and see magnificent views and plants. Besides the fact that our clothes and bodies were completely soaked through, it was an incredible experience. 

The non-volcano photos are from our expedition to the little islands around the lake yesterday. Mombacho is officially a dormant volcano but since it was declared dormant it has erupted twice and the most recent time, the eruption created 365 islands in Lake Nicaragua. We got on a boat and drove around for two hours visiting various islands including one with an old Spanish fortress and one with monkeys! And the day after we saw her "hijas" we met the mother volcano.