Travel || Nicaragua

While I edit these photos I am watching East Side Sushi and thinking about home. Not to say that I am not having a great time, because I am, but seeing all the Oakland scenery reminds me that I live in the best city in the whole world…

Now that we are settled in Granada we have just been spending most of our time exploring the city. Yesterday we walked around the market and bought lots of mango! After filling up on street vendor snacks we walked down to the waterfront and saw Lake Nicaragua (which is actually quite dirty, at least the area where we were). After our walk we headed to the supermarket to get some ingredients for dinner, which was a delicious meal of tilapia with black beans, rice, and tortillas. After dinner my sister, Eli, and I spent hours playing pounce until well past midnight. 

This morning was begun, of course, with pancakes and more pounce. After pounce, Eli and my sister and I went out for a walk around the square and then we visited the Cultural Museum of Granada with my parents. For dinner we went to a seafood restaurant on the big street that leads to the lake. I had a delicious Peruvian seafood soup called parihuela. I know, odd to be eating Peruvian food while visiting Nicaragua, but I had to try it!

The movie just finished (10/10 would recommend) so it looks like it is bedtime.