Travel || Nicaragua

First night in Nicaragua! We just got out of the pool and now Eli is sitting watching Nicaraguan TV while I am editing pictures and putting together this blog post. 

Over the past 24 hours we've spent a lot of time in the airport, which made the relief of finally settling in Granada that much sweeter. We arrived in Managua around noon and had a van pick us and our luggage up and drive us to the house that we are staying at in Granada. And let me tell you, this house is incredible. There are three massive bedrooms, a terrace with a great view of the volcano, a full-blown kitchen, an indoor pool, and it's only three blocks away from the town square (fret not, pictures are to come). After dropping off our stuff and taking a quick dip in the pool we walked into town to get some lunch and exchange our U.S. dollars into Córdobas. After lunch we returned to the house and spent some time unpacking. We will be staying here for the rest of vacation (three more weeks), so it is nice to be able to take everything out of the suitcase and pretend like this is home. After relaxing for a little bit we walked to the market to get groceries to stock up the fridge and for dinner. 

Now, we are all settled, extremely exhausted, and I, personally, am so excited to see what this new city and country have to share with me!

*note: In case you haven't caught on, I am only posting every other day. Editing pictures and dealing with laggy wifi is a lot more exhausting than one would think...