Travel || New York

I apologize for the delay, these photos are from almost a month ago! Sometimes balancing practicing photography and being a full-time student gets a little hectic around exam time, but it's all over and I am back! 

These are photos from the second half of mine and Eli's trip to New York and D.C.. For our last two days in New York we visited Chelsea Market, Murray's bagels, the High Line, and we stayed at the Wythe Hotel for a night. I must say, the Wythe Hotel is a great hotel for taking photos; the wood gives a very organic feel to the photos, while the white walls help bounce the light around. The last photo is from Eli's last day on the East Coast in D.C.. He came to visit me at my internship and we took some photos with the view from the rooftop terrance of my building. 

Having Eli come to visit was a great dive back into the pool of photography. Throughout this trip I haven't had the opportunity to use my camera, so having my number one model come visit me was just what I needed.

(Side note: I have two more posts queded up, so you can look forward to some more regular content soon!)