Prom || Margarita & Friends

The fact that I took these photos last Friday and am just now posting them is a testament to just how hectic the past few days (and probably the next week) have been! These are a couple of my favorite shots from my sisters second junior prom. The last prom that she went to was for her boyfriends school, but this one was for hers so even though she didn't actually go to the prom, she still got all dressed up and wanted pictures with her friends.

These photos were taken at the Oakland Rose Garden, the same location as Onuva's senior portraits but this time all of the beautiful flowers were in bloom. The sun has low in the sky so we didn't have any harsh light and all of the photos turned out great! I captured a bunch of group shots for my sister and her group of friends, individual images of all of the couples, and I even managed to sneak in a couple of beauty shots. Overall, I was very happy with the overall quality of this collection of images, and my sister said that she and all of her friends loved them.

The next couple of weeks will be spent wrapping up my junior year of college with the last of my finals and beginning my internship as a judicial intern for the Superior Court of California, but I have plenty of models lined up to shoot as soon as school is over with! I have so many exciting plans for the summer; I just can't wait to finish school!