Product || Flora Arte

This shoot was a dream come true. I was able to collaborate with a local flower shop, Flora Arte to bring to life my vision of an ethereal, nature-themed photoshoot. When my first model cancelled on me the day before, I thought that hope was lost, but thankfully Monsoon came to my rescue and absolutely killed it. She brought the sophistication, grace, and not to mention beauty that complimented the flowers and setting perfectly. We shot in Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland next to the cascades, the setting was beautiful, and the shade from the trees saved the photos form the high noon sun. As I was going through and editing these photos, I was so extremely excited with how it all turned out, and I cannot wait to work with these two again! 

Please check out more of their work as they are both artists as well! 

Jin, Flora Arte,, instagram: @flora_arte

Monsoon, instagram: @monsoon_ and @monsoonfx