Sho x West Oakland

One of my faves came back home over winter break! Sho texted me in December letting me know that she’d be back in town for break and we had to shoot. I scoped out this beautiful corner in West Oakland and boom! we had all the backgrounds we needed. Sho was a gem as always and we had a great time catching up and taking photos.

Edward x Downtown Oakland

Edward's back! This time I was going for punchy colors and contrast that would make my photos jump off the page. Did I achieve it?

I am pretty happy with how these turned out. I used some of the tips I learned at the Dirtbag workshop and messed around a bunch with vibrance. My favorite location was the beautiful poppy wall! And my favorite shot is the one of Edward laughing in front of the brick wall.

Overall, it was great to catch up and hang out and Edward's outfits are always 10/10.

52 Faces x Week 15

April 13, 2018

This Friday was Barrister's (Bearister's) Ball, or basically law school prom. I couldn't go because I was arguing in the Ninth Circuit (!!) the next day, but I wan't to celebrate with my friends who will be graduating this year. I took some super cute "prom" pics for them and (of course) took advantage of golden hour. I've been really into backlit golden hour portraits recently... I don't know why but I'm digging it! I've also been testing out some new editing styles so we'll see if they stick.

Eli x Golden Hour

It took so much effort to get Eli to get out of the house and let me take some photos but I am so glad he did. These are some of my favorite portraits of him that I have ever taken! All it took was a prime lens and golden hour! I love how warm these are and the beautiful ring of light around his hair!

Also, in case you are wondering I rediscovered my VSCO presets and this is the Film series.