52 Faces || Women's March

January 20, 2018

Ever since I woke up on the fateful morning of November 9 I knew there was no longer a limit. I no longer felt like politicians "wouldn't go there," they would, and they have. It has been really hard to stay motivated and engaged when it feels like everything you know and believed in is crumbling around you. A year after the inauguration, I almost didn't go to the Women's March. I felt like there was no point; we were screaming, and no one was listening. In the end, I went. And I am grateful that I did.

Nothing gives me more hope than seeing tiny humans marching, holding signs, and chanting. Getting young people civically engaged as soon as they understand what “equal” means is important. It is a powerful reminder to those of us who can vote that we have a responsibility to do so, not just to protect our own interests, but to ensure that we leave these little humans with a better United States, a better world, than the ones we inherited. I am reinvigorated with the spirit of the community, the women, and the young people around me.

Progress. Hope. And, Power To The Polls.