52 Faces || Update

For those of you keeping up, I have not actually posted for 52 Faces since Week 15 and it is now Week 21, yikes! Honestly, it is really difficult to schedule each shoot both with the difficulty of finding a subject and make sure they show and because my schedule is already tough to work with because of school and now work. Anyway, enough excuses. Here is my plan moving forward:

1. I am removing the "new person" restriction. I can now post repeats which will make my life a lot easier because if someone flakes, I can call in back up. (And no don't worry they won't all be the same people).

2. I might post a little bit late. I will try my best to get fresh portraits up every week, and removing this Sunday deadline will definitely relieve stress because I will have time to edit and really create a great image!

Alright I am out of town this weekend, but starting Week 22 we're back in business!