52 Faces || Lily

After finishing my first semester of law school, I realized how little I actually used my new camera, something I had been saving for and anticipating for years. I resolved myself to get out there more, use my camera, improve my craft, and create more beautiful work. With the new year I began a new challenge. This year, every week, I will be posting my favorite portrait from the week. No repeat faces. No skipping weeks. Keep me accountable. I am calling this project 52 Faces.

January 7, 2018
I had to start this project with my first model, Lily. Back in 10th grade when I got my first dSLR Lily was the first person who posed for me. Throughout the years she has put up with me and my camera, coming to visit me every break from school to take more photos. This year Lily is graduating from UC Davis and I could not be more excited for her and proud of her accomplishments. Here she is, my best friend and first model, 9 years of friendship, 6 years of posing, and thousands of photos later.