52 Faces || Christopher

January 28, 2018

This is my cousin Christopher. He just started high school. I talked to him about his goals for the year of 2018 and he said that his primary goal was to get good grades so that he could go to a top college and leave the Bay Area for somewhere warmer. Every year since he was born, I have seen him for every birthday, every Christmas, and every Thanksgiving, so it made me a little sad when he said he wanted to leave. But, on the other hand, I am so proud that my little cousin aspires to get an outstanding education, and that he wants to be an engineer, and make money. Christopher said that he doesn't really like to read, but I told him that from my experience, in order to write a winning personal statement to get into those top colleges he's going to need to read a lot of books. So does anyone have book recommendations?