52 Faces

For those of you keeping up, I have not actually posted for 52 Faces since Week 15 and it is now Week 21, yikes! Honestly, it is really difficult to schedule each shoot both with the difficulty of finding a subject and make sure they show and because my schedule is already tough to work with because of school and now work. Anyway, enough excuses. Here is my plan moving forward:

1. I am removing the "new person" restriction. I can now post repeats which will make my life a lot easier because if someone flakes, I can call in back up. (And no don't worry they won't all be the same people).

2. I might post a little bit late. I will try my best to get fresh portraits up every week, and removing this Sunday deadline will definitely relieve stress because I will have time to edit and really create a great image!

Alright I am out of town this weekend, but starting Week 22 we're back in business!

Edward x Downtown Oakland

Edward's back! This time I was going for punchy colors and contrast that would make my photos jump off the page. Did I achieve it?

I am pretty happy with how these turned out. I used some of the tips I learned at the Dirtbag workshop and messed around a bunch with vibrance. My favorite location was the beautiful poppy wall! And my favorite shot is the one of Edward laughing in front of the brick wall.

Overall, it was great to catch up and hang out and Edward's outfits are always 10/10.

Lily x Graduating!

Lily and I have been best friends since 7th grade. She was the first “model” that I ever took photos of. She has truly been there for me through all of my real and over-dramatized problems. 

This weekend I drove up to Davis (again, long story) and had the honor of taking her graduation photos! I am so proud of my girl for accomplishing such a HUGE achievement. I can’t wait to watch her shine in whatever she decides to do next!

Sabrina x Fort Mason

Sabrina and I argued in the Ninth Circuit last weekend and then celebrated by trying to visit the Conservatory of Flowers. We messed up and ended up on Treasure Island. We decided to cut our losses and go to Fort Mason and it was great
I had been looking forward to taking photos here since I first visited last year and saw the beautiful blue water, red bridge, and green grass!

52 Faces x Week 15

April 13, 2018

This Friday was Barrister's (Bearister's) Ball, or basically law school prom. I couldn't go because I was arguing in the Ninth Circuit (!!) the next day, but I wan't to celebrate with my friends who will be graduating this year. I took some super cute "prom" pics for them and (of course) took advantage of golden hour. I've been really into backlit golden hour portraits recently... I don't know why but I'm digging it! I've also been testing out some new editing styles so we'll see if they stick.

Eli x Golden Hour

It took so much effort to get Eli to get out of the house and let me take some photos but I am so glad he did. These are some of my favorite portraits of him that I have ever taken! All it took was a prime lens and golden hour! I love how warm these are and the beautiful ring of light around his hair!

Also, in case you are wondering I rediscovered my VSCO presets and this is the Film series.

52 Faces x Week 9

March 2, 2018

Better late than never! I met Monica at Berkeley Law through the Women of Color Collective. WOCC has been one of my sanctuaries on campus. Being a student in an institution designed to exclude me has been challenging. But, being a part of this group incredible women has spun that challenge into empowerment. Having Monica at the helm, as co-chair, has been so inspiring. She has such a bubbly personality, infectious laugh, and eagerness to love everyone. Monica’s passion and dedication to supporting her people is so obvious in everything she does. Monica shared that she lives for her deliberately chosen family, the people that she has experienced the bounties, joys, challenges, adventures, and deep love with which give her life meaning. And if you are thinking (like I am) how could she get any more awesome, get ready… she has a kitten.